Unmanned Remote Sensing

USENSE develops innovative drone platforms for Remote sensing and GIS and assist professionals with the implementation into their specific area of interest like precision agriculture, mining, inspection, environmental assessments, search and rescue,.. . We believe that there is not one drone that does it all, but rely on open-source hard- and software to adapt drone capabilities to the user requirements and by doing so we push the limits of their capacities. Additionally, we add professional consultancy in the area of sensor technology, image processing and information extraction. After all, drones as the means, not the end. We start from +10 years professional experience in Remote Sensing and GIS and will now bring this knowledge to the drone world. The company USENSE has been making professional aerial mapping systems since 2013, flown and sold all over the world (Cuba, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Ethiopia,..) for applications ranging from oil palm mapping to environmental studies, archeology, looking for malaria hotspots and so on. An impression of how such UAV missions, 3D maps and related consultancy looks like can be seen in the following movie.


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