Unmanned Remote Sensing




The USENSE X8 UAV is a small autonomous fixed wing for aerial mapping. The components, incl. the autopilot system are based on open-source technology and committed to civilian and scientific use. Its specific design allows for flexible operation and can be deployed safely in different

environments and weather conditions. Main applications include: Photogrammetry - Precision Agriculture - Research - Environmental Survey – Search and Rescue – News reporting – etc…




The USENSE training teaches unexperienced people how to safely operate our UAV and get the maximum out of the aerial mapping. It starts with basic piloting skills and autopilot functionalities and goes further into detail on the mission planning, camera settings and pre-flight checks. Once you are ready with the theory it is time for your first UAV flight and map creation. Finally we teach you how to maintain and repair the UAV yourself to enjoy the mapping experience to the full.




Do you want us to fly over your area of interest? Or maybe you have an interesting idea to integrate a new sensor or have specific (long-range) flight requirements? USENSE is happy to listen to your story to see how we can customize our UAV for your specific project. Thanks to the open-source nature of the components and large fuselage with actual 2kg payload capacity, possibilities are endless.

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